Hawaiian Immersion

Kumu ‘Ôlelo Ipolani Vaughan

Welina Mai

Me käkou ka welina a ke aloha…Mai nä kuauli o ka pae motu o Hawai’i nei i ke kai i pö’ai ‘ia e nä kai ‘ewalu….’Ano ’ai a Kia Ora tätou kätoa!

A greeting of affection amongst all from the green backed hills of these Hawaiian  islands in the ocean surrounded by the eight great seas.          

  Aloha and Welcome!     

A Mele, an Oli, A Hula, an Oral History of Family, the Naming of a child…..Each a lei to be worn proudly, woven with the language of these islands that we call, ‘Home.”  Our children are the future and our elders are our link to the past, its culture, values and traditions.  We have seen great strides in the resurgence and growth of the Hawaiian language in the successful Hawaiian Immersion Programs and Charter schools founded and geared for our young .  

I welcome you to Kealaleo, “The Voice Path,” geared specifically to the adult population in all areas of the community.  The Kealaleo Program is a unique hands-on method of learning the Hawaiian language with the use of manipulatives that is exciting and enjoyable, yet challenging.  Discovering language in a way like no other, which has you speaking Hawaiian from the very first class, Kealaleo is a journey of self-discovery, patience, and nurturing which allows the learning process to take place from the moment our hands encounter the manipulatives.  All that is needed is the desire to learn in a new and exciting way.  

Come and join us on this path of discovery!

E wala'au Hawai'i nö käkou!